Washington Monument, Friday, June 10, 2016

At 500 feet inside WAMO:

Visitor, showing me a picture of WAMO on her phone: Can you tell me where this is?
Me: The Washington Monument?
V: Yes, where is it? I can’t see it.
Me: You’re inside it.
V: I am?
Me: You are.
V: I had no idea.

While working the line at the security entrance:

Visitor: Where is the closest restroom for handicapped?
Me: At the bottom of the hill.
V: She cannot walk that far.
Me: That is the closest restroom.
V: I don’t think she can go that far.
Me: There isn’t any other restroom.
V: She is a woman.
Me: OK, but there is no restroom up here. Not even for those of us who work here.
V: I don’t believe you.
Me: Why would I lie about the restroom?
V: Don’t get fresh.

Me: I’m sorry, that was the chain that hit you. I’m not getting fresh with you.
Visitor (grandfather visiting with his children and grandchildren): That happens to me all the time.

While working the ticket line:

Visitor (Standing by the bench inside the ring of flags with only narrow sidewalks leading to it): I see this says next tour time 7:00. Is that for the hop on hop off bus?
Me: o_O


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