Washington Monument, Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, 2016

Playing catch up here.  The first half of July was crazy for me.  Such is life.

First, something extremely cute
A little 3-month-old girl just stared at me and drooled through my whole elevator talk.  Her mom said that means I was a hit. 🙂

And then this, while I was standing at the base of WAMO
Visitor: Where is the National Mall?
Me: (Pointing) All of this is the National Mall.
Visitor: Well where are all the restaurants?

In the elevator
Elevator man, after riding up to 500 in my elevator: You know, I’ve heard a lot of Rangers do their talk, and most of them are still talking after the door opens. Yours was perfect.
Me: Well thanks. I’ve had a lot of practice.
Elevator man: And you get mad if it’s not timed right, don’t you?
Me: Yes, I do. I always want to go back down and have a do-over.
Elevator man: You should teach some of the Rangers how to do it.

Let me say, I was trained by some of the best Rangers out there.  And just because I’ve been working at WAMO for 8 years, that doesn’t mean I don’t learn something new every time I ride in the elevator with a Ranger.  I recently changed up my elevator talks a bit, and nothing I say came only from me.  It’s a combination of things I’ve heard Rangers say over the years and things I have researched myself.  I’m only good at it because they were patient, kind, and available for questions.

Saturday the Park Police decided to close WAMO due to an approaching storm with lots of lightning.  I was at 500 feet and told everyone we were in no danger but we had to evacuate immediately.  Two couples stayed up top taking selfies in the windows well after I told everyone to come down.  One of them even tried to stop at the next window while I was walking behind her.
Here’s a tip: When a volunteer or Ranger tells you to evacuate WAMO due to an approaching storm with high winds, hail, and lightning, that does not mean you should stand in the windows at 500 feet taking pictures. It also does not mean you stop for more pictures as you’re begrudgingly walking towards the stairs to 490. I’m not getting struck by lightning so you can get one more selfie.



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