Washington Monument, Friday, August 5, 2016

After a week off to attend an IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, I was back at WAMO on Friday.  It was to be my last 9-hour day for a while, as my marathon training is ramping up so I need to be home earlier on Fridays to prepare for my early Saturday runs.  It did not disappoint.

New Blog Feature:  Man Bun Count.  We see a LOT of them.  A.  LOT.  17 on this day, to be exact.  Including 3 in one elevator.

Something interesting that happened on Friday involved my uniform.  I wear a set of Navy/Marine Corps pilot wings on my left collar.  They were given to me by the sister of a Marine Corps pilot who was killed in action in Iraq.  I’ve worn them for years, and people ask about them here and there.  But on Friday, at least 8 people asked me about them throughout the day.  I’m not sure why, but I had the change to talk about the Marine they belonged to and that’s always a great thing.

The visitors, as always, provided an overwhelming amount of entertainment…

Street level, just outside the elevator
Visitor after coming down in the elevator: You didn’t talk about France.
Me: What about France?
Visitor: They donated the monument.
Me: No, they donated the Statue of Liberty.
Visitor: Where is that?
Me: In Liberty Harbor between NJ and NY.
Visitor: No, it’s a monument in DC. I can’t believe they let you work here and you don’t know that.

Up at the top
Visitor at 490: Excuse me, there is a man at the top wearing pajama pants and flip flops.
Me: What would you like me to do about it?
Visitor: Isn’t that inappropriate?
Me: I wouldn’t do it. But if he’s wearing a shirt, there’s nothing I can do.
Visitor: He’s wearing a tank top. I don’t want my daughter to see that.
Me: I don’t want to see that.

At 500 feet
Visitor with German accent: I hope the view is good tonight.
Me: It’s great.
Visitor: I hope I can get good pictures of the Pentagon.
Me: It’s on the south side. Wait, why do you want pictures of the Pentagon?
Visitor: Please don’t call the Marines.

I also discovered that, when you stand at a certain angle below the George Washington portrait over the front door of the elevator, he looks quite crazy-eyed and creepy.

Creepy GW

See?  Totally creepy!



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