Washington Monument, Saturday, August 6, 2016

I was back at WAMO on Saturday for my first 6-hour day.  I ran 10 miles in the morning and took a nice long nap before heading in for my shift, so I was rested and ready to go.

Today’s Man Bun Count:  5.  Still too high for my preferences, but better than yesterday.

Also, Today’s National Mall PSA: Use deodorant. Please.

They were calling for thunderstorms, but they never materialized.  And there was actually a nice breeze up on the hill, so it was a very pleasant day.  That didn’t stop the visitors from exhibiting their usually craziness though.

Some elevator fun

Street level, after coming down from 490:
Me, at the end of my talk: And that is what we call history!
Junior-high-aged boy starts clapping enthusiastically, then looks around:  Why am I the only one clapping?

Street level, getting ready to load the elevator to go up:
Me:  Ok folks, come on in!
Man wearing Red Sox shirt walks in.
Me:  Oh, wait, sorry sir, we’ve had our quota of Red Sox fans today.
Man:  Oh really?  Well you’re just going to have one more.
Same man, at 500 feet getting ready to walk down to 490:  You want to touch my shirt, don’t you?
Me:  Taps his shoulder with my index finger.
Wife:  He says that to all the young girls.

At 490, loading the elevator to come down:
Man wearing Red Sox hat steps in.
Me:  I’m sorry, we can’t have any more Red Sox fans today.
Man:  Well, I guess I’ll just have to live up here then.

Street level, after coming down in my last elevator of the day:
Me, at the end of my talk: And that is what we call history!
First man:  That was an outstanding presentation.  Here, give me a high five!
Second man:  It really was, give me a high five too!

Many visitors, at the top or the bottom:  You have that talk timed perfectly.
Me:  I have a little practice.

At 490 feet

Little brother: You find this interesting?
Big brother: This is so cool. Let’s look around.
Little brother: Why is it cool?
Big brother: Don’t you know how old this building is?
Little brother: No, but the ducks outside are WAY cooler.

Outside while I was working the security line at the door

Visitor: There are no more tickets today?
Me: No, sorry.
Visitor: Well I heard a lot of people are not showing up and there are only a few people in the elevator.
Me: We have no way of knowing if someone is not showing up.
Visitor: Well, can we wait here and if there are not a lot of people in the elevator we can go in?
Me: We can’t see the elevator from here, so I have no way to know how full it is.
Visitor: You just don’t want to let me in.
Me: It’s not personal. Nobody can get in without a ticket.
Visitor: But I can’t get up early.
Me: Well then I guess you won’t get a ticket tomorrow either.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday.  I took this video from the top.  I’ve never seen the fountain look like this before.

Sunlight shimmering on the WWII Memorial fountain #findyourpark

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And I was able to get my favorite picture–the shadow of the Monument stretching to the east.  You have to be up there at just the right time.  On Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to get it twice.


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