NPS Centennial Prep and Events, August 23-27, 2016

After waiting 2 1/2 years since receiving my NPS Centennial pin, the big event finally arrived.  We were treated to some gorgeous cool, non-humid weather for the first two days.  The heat/humidity eventually returned, but it wasn’t as bad as it has been in recent weeks.

Before I dive in to some of my favorite or more memorable interactions, here are some numbers:

109,874 – Total FitBit steps recorded during these 5 days
1,100 – People in the Living Arrowhead on Founders Day
50 – Total Volunteer Hours
45 – Tables Moved, Opened, or Carried Somewhere
27 – Man Buns on the National Mall on Founders Day (I didn’t count the other days)
22 – Total Hours Slept
17 – Pokemon Caught
8 – National Mall Carabiners Acquired
5 – Pop-up Tents Lowered
3 – Pop-up Tents Raised
3 – Free T-shirts
1 – Buddy Bison who Joined me in my Golf Cart on Saturday

Those are the highlights.  Now for the fun.

Tuesday, Generator Delivery:
Generator Guy 1:  Hi, are you Stacy?
Me:  No, I’m Sandy.  Stacy sent me.
1: OK, well these trucks are not going to fit down that path, so we are going to have to drop them here and someone will be by with a pickup truck to place them.
Me:  (After checking with Ranger Extraordinaire Stacy) OK, put cones around them and they’ll be fine.
Generator Guy 2:  I’m going to put these cords in your cart, OK, Stacy?
Me:  Sure, but I’m still Sandy.
1:  OK, so I will tell Paul to call Sandy when he gets here.
Me:  No, he should call Stacy.
1:  OK, thanks Stacy.

Later on, Paul arrives with the pickup truck:
Paul:  Hi, are you Stacy?
Me:  I’m Sandy, and I’m going to show you where to place the generators.
Paul:  Well, they dropped these with the hitches facing the wrong way, so it’s going to be hard for me to get up that curb.
Me:  No problem, go down here, make a right on Constitution, then when you get to 17th, make a right and come up the curb there.  I’ll be waiting to lead you to where we’ll drop them.
Paul:  OK, we’re going to do a great job today, Stacy!
Me:  Sandy.  And I sure hope so.
Paul:  OK Stacy, I’ll see you up there.

Ranger Interactions:
Ranger:  What are you doing over there all day?
Me:  Logistics.
Ranger:  Which means what, exactly?
Me:  Logistical things.

Ranger:  Who is that PSU93 car?
Me:  That’s me.
Ranger:  Well hello PSU93, I’m PSU87.

Ranger 1:  You really don’t have to sit between us.  We’ve been out here since early this morning and we really stink.
Ranger 2:  It’s fine.
Me:  If a cadaver dog came along right now, it would totally sit down on us.
Ranger 1:  Well, probably next to us.
Me:  Either way, it would definitely alert on us.

Three Rangers went to the maintenance yard to get stuff.  Another Ranger and I stayed at Con Gardens to do some setup.  We finished our tasks and were waiting for the truck to arrive.
Me, in a text:  We are selling the tents piece by piece.  Next we are going to sell the porta potties.
Ranger:  OK.

Sitting in the golf cart in the heat, waiting for the truck to come back, I dozed off a few times.  The truck arrived, unloaded, and took off again.
Me:  I was totally sleeping in my cart.
Ranger:  Me too, until I heard the tires on the gravel.
Me:  Well, we got our stuff done so we’re good.
Ranger:  Totally.

Saturday, while taking a break in our break tent, just after I bought Buddy Bison:
Ranger:  I have a really bad Buddy Bison story.
Me:  Wait, let me cover his ears before you tell it.

Stickers and tattoos are always fun:

Me, at exhibitor tent during family festival: I just came by to get one of your little Ranger stickers.
Exhibitor:  Here, take a few.
Me:  *Grabs 12 and walks away*

Me:  Hey, where did you get your “Find Your Park” tattoo?
Ranger:  Here.  *Pulls a bag out of her pocket*
Me:  Can I have 2?

The moment I became a little less of a fan of Google:

Moving out at the end of the festival:
Me:  I’m here to help cart your stuff up to your car.
Google employee:  OK, great, first we’re going to take everything that goes in my car.
Me:  Where is your car?
Google:  On 17th and Constitution.
Me:  OK, I can’t cross Constitution, but I can get you to the corner and you can carry your stuff from there.
Google:  OK, well first is this (55-inch) TV.  I’ll put it in the back and sit here and hold it.
Me:  I can’t take people, only stuff.
Google:  But you said you can get me to the corner.
Me:  Yes, I will take your stuff and you can walk there to meet me.
Google:  OK, well we have these 2 big plants and this smaller plant and this stuff.
Me:  OK, load it in.
Google x 2:  We’ll walk behind you to make sure nothing falls out.
Me:  Great.
Goggle x 2:  *Walk off in a different direction ahead of my golf cart*

Trip 2 with Google:
Google employee: Our cargo van is at 18th and Constitution.
Me:  OK, I can take your stuff up there, someone will have to come up there with me, and then I can come back to get another load if needed.
Google:  Loads up cart, grabs a case, and sits in my cart.
Me:  I can’t take people, only stuff.
Google:  But I thought you said someone has to come with you.
Me:  Yes, you have to walk.
Google:  All the way up there?
Me:  You’re young, you can do it.  Also, please switch the order of this box you piled on top of the circular saw.
Google:  What do you mean?
Me:  Please put the circular saw on top, that is not a stable thing to set a box on top of, especially in a moving golf cart.

Trip 3 with Google:
Google employee:  So, take this stuff up to the cargo van.
Google employee 2:  Does she know where that is?
Me:  I was just up there.
Google 2:  Are you sure?
Me:  I am.
Google 2:  Maybe I should ride with you to make sure.
Me:  I can’t take people, just stuff.
Google 2:  Well how are we going to get up there?
Me:  You’re going to walk.  Just like you walked down here from where you parked your car this morning.
Google 2:  But we’re tired.  We’ve been here since this morning.
Me:  I’m tired.  I’ve been here for 5 days.  And I ran 12 miles this morning.

That’s about all I remember for now.  I’ll make another post with some of my favorite pictures from the week.


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