NPS Centennial, Some Pictures

I took a fair amount of pictures during setup and the Centennial events.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Arrowhead Selfie I took this one while we were lining up for the Living Arrowhead photo.  I didn’t have an umbrella.  They had a bunch of Rangers and Volunteers help form a line under the 100.  It didn’t really make a huge impact in the photo, but at least I can point to exactly where I was.  The Ranger behind me is the father of the guy inside the Nationals’ George Washington mascot costume, for some fun trivia.  “George” kept giving him grief over WAMO being closed until Mid-September for repairs.

ArrowheadThe Living Arrowhead.  Someone up in WAMO texted this photo to the Ranger who was standing behind me.  It was amazing to see what we looked like from the sky–and to see how awesome it looked!

SunsetSunset over Constitution Gardens on Founders Day.  The beer garden was going on and those are the lights at the center of the photo.

WWIII took a walk over to WWII while the beer garden was going on, and I stopped for this photo of WAMO through the New Jersey pillar.

Buddy SelfieBuddy Bison hanging out with me in the break tent on Saturday during the family festival.  I was truly as tired as I look.

Buddy DrivingBut there was work to be done, so Buddy and I headed out on a mission.


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