Flashback: Washington Monument, Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween at WAMO!  What could be more fun?!

I have 2 choices today: volunteer on the National Mall, or sit at home and be a big slug. I have an hour to decide.  (Present-day note:  I decided to go in.)

Question of the day:
Visitor: Was this open before the earthquake?
Me: The 2011 earthquake?
Visitor: Yes, I remember seeing pictures of scaffolding a few years ago.
Me: The monument opened in 1885.
Visitor: Really? I had no idea!

Variation 2:
Visitor: So, how long have you all been doing these tours?
Me: Since 1885.
Visitor: No, that can’t be right.
Me: I promise you that is right.

Big Ten moment of the day, while working the line:
Me: OK everyone, you’ll go through security like at the airport, so everything metal or electronic must come out of your pockets. Also, today they are asking for all belts, bracelets, and watches to come off. Rings, earrings, and necklaces are ok. I’m not sure why, but that’s what they tell me.
Visitor: Do I have to take my jacket off?
Me: I don’t think so, but your friend behind you can’t go in with that Ohio State jacket on.
Visitor: Oh, I know, I’m a Michigan man myself.
Me: Well, I’m a Penn Stater.
Visitor: Well, my son is a Penn Stater, so I can get behind that.
Visitor a few people down: And we’re Michigan State.
Visitor next to him: And we’re Purdue!
Visitor walking by: Hey, we’re Maryland!
All of us, in unison: Maryland doesn’t count.

Today I saw Superman, a pirate, Strawberry Shortcake, a Minion, a cat, three Rainbow Brite girls, Captain America, a policeman, and a unicorn at WAMO. And I got about 2 pounds of candy from Survey Lodge.

It was actually really warm at WAMO today. Like no jacket warm. Until 3 pm, when the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up. So I came home wind burnt and chilled to the bone. But I was also starving, so I had to eat dinner right away. And now it’s time for a hot shower. But overall, I’m very glad I decided not to be a big slug today. 🙂


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