Korean War Veterans Memorial, Saturday, May 6, 2017: Honor Flight Day!

Hey there!  Yes, I’m still here.  I’ve been volunteering all over the Mall as usual.  I just haven’t had time to blog.  I know you have missed me.

So, today found me at Korea, where I would be filling in for another volunteer who usually greets the Honor Flights.  Honor Flight started as a way to bring World War II Veterans to DC to see the World War II Memorial.  It’s a fantastic program.  Now that it’s been in existence for about 10 years, may of the flights are starting to focus on also reaching Korean War and Vietnam War Veterans.  The last Honor Flight of the day actually had 80 Korean War veterans, and only 8 WWII veterans.  It’s usually the opposite.  I had only made contact with 5 of the coordinators, but I knew it was going to be a busy day.

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